Carol Hurley’s Inspiration

Helping hands have always existed in Barnard. They exist in every community, helping when a neighbor is in need. Helping Hands, the non-profit organization, grew from a desire to join the hands of those who want to help with those of their Barnard neighbors.

When she was diagnosed with cancer in 1998, Carol Hurley found comfort, security, and respite in the Helping Hands of her Barnard neighbors. In response to her need, neighbors arrived on her doorstep with meals, provided rides when she needed them, and gifted her with their many skills. As her health waxed and waned over the six years that followed, Carol was inspired to return the generosity of her neighbors in kind. Before she passed away, at the age of 55, Carol created and organized Helping Hands, where the generosity shown by her neighbors could grow and thrive, a place where people could use their skills and offer their resources to community members in need. 2004 marked the end of Carol’s life.

In July 2005, a small group of Carol's friends met to honor her and to discuss her original mission for Helping Hands. We hoped to breathe new life into the organization she founded. In October we applied for a non-profit status and assembled a 5-member board and a 3-member advisory board.