My family experienced the trauma of a nighttime fire, in which we lost most of our belongings and our home. What could have been a tragic aftermath was graciously transformed into a wellspring of support, thanks to Helping Hands. They were there the next morning, ready and willing to help. They not only gave us money to help us get back on our feet, but they also accepted tax free donations, which encouraged many members of our community and family to give even more generously. We're beyond grateful for their support in ushering us through our catastrophe. Their commitment to helping those in need within our community is deeply inspiring, and serves as an example for us all.

- Jesy and Jonnie

“I just wanted to express my huge gratitude to Barnard Helping Hands for their assistance on my release from the hospital last month. Their assistance allowed me to hire desperately needed home care and transport to doctor’s appointments that would have been beyond my means. Barnard Helping Hands lifted an enormous burden.”

—Emmy Fox, Chelsea Farm

“Timely, appropriate level of help, compassionate care and follow-up are four key words that describe how Helping Hands gave me and my terminally ill wife Jean assistance when we needed it and what we needed from 2010 to the present.

“While I was in school from 2009 – 2012 at Norwich University acquiring new skills and knowledge for the 21st century, Helping Hands provided me with firewood during the fall of 2010, and helped cut dead hardwood on my property to donate to Barnard residents needing extra wood for the heating season. Mary Blanton coordinated a comprehensive visiting schedule too while I was away during the day at school in 2011 and 2012, ensuring that Jean had an active social life as she languished with ALS.

“In addition, Mary, Jenepher Lingelbach and Bill Badger, Joan and Glenn Yankee and hordes of others helped take care of my gardens and storm raged fences, gates and doors. This group also provided emotional support to me in the darkest days of Jean’s remaining time with me first visiting here in our Barnard home and second at the Brookside Nursing Home in White River Junction.

“Peace-of-mind is readily available from Helping Hands whether there was work to be done or compassionate care and comfort required. Essential to my adjustment without Jean will be my giving back time to my friends and neighbors – a gift with kindness received and a debt returned.”

–John G. Dulmage, Rhoades Hill Rd.

“Helping Hands [gives] people like me a wonderful opportunity to have a way of meeting a need and reaching out to others. It draws us together knowing we all care enough to be there for someone. I have had the privilege of driving an older gentleman to medical appointments. ‘Gentleman’ in the true sense of the word with all the charm and grace of how it used to be. I may be helping him with a ride but he has offered me the most interesting company. I wonder if he knows who has received the most in our encounters.”

—Pam Sheperd, Winterfound Farm

“It brings joy to my heart to help others when needed and I thank Barnard Helping Hands for providing me with that opportunity.”

—Janet Foreman

“Helping Hands casts a wonderful net over all of us in Barnard and East Barnard and beyond. There are so many ways to help neighbors who need assistance and wonderful ways to meet people who either are helping others or needing help. My favorite is the many hours splitting, stacking and loading cords of wood for the winter and then delivering the wood and meeting the people who are grateful and fun to meet. It is a wonderful way to meet and talk with fellow Barnardites. Our community becomes increasingly connected thanks to Helping Hands.”

—Jenepher Lingelbach and Bill Badger

“I cannot say enough about the compassion, kindness and generosity shown to me by Barnard Helping Hands. Twice I have been in a situation that was more than I could handle. Both times I was met with an amazing support system.

“The members of Barnard Helping Hands were  incredibly helpful, coordinating financial help, offering volunteers to help with the work that need to be done, as well as being an ongoing resource for places I might go for help or information.

“I am very sure I could not have gotten through all of this without the help given to me by Barnard Helping Hands. I feel very blessed to have them on my side.”